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SimuCUBE is a simulator force feedback controller for single motorized actuators such as a steering wheel or a force feedback lever. When used together with the Granite Devices IONI Pro or Pro HC servo drive, SimuCUBE system can produce simulated torque effects such as friction, damping and inertia completely on real-time hardware with 2500 Hz update rate. Not only does it control the force feedback servo motor, but it also reads inputs of various controls, such as pedals, shifters and buttons. SimuCUBE firmware is also open source and available through GitHub, allowing for customization of its functionality and integration of even more application specific features on the same board. Visit their parent company Granite Devices at to see their entire product range, some of which goes beyond sim racing.


Sim-Lab sell a wide range of products for use within your sim racing rig, whether it's a cockpit, mounting for your triple screen setup, or simply a tray for your keyboard to sit – all for competitive prices.

Virtual Racing (Sim Racing) is the newest form of global motorsport and is revolutionizing the way people can experience competitive racing. Virtual Racing eliminates the economic boundaries that normally surround motorsport. Anyone with a computer, pedals, and a steering wheel can enjoy fair and intense online racing against the world's best sim racers.