Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Joe Letteriello joins ineX

Completing one last measure in preparation for the 2017 iRacing NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series (NPAS) we at ineX Racing are pleased to announce the signing of Pro-licensed Pennsylvanian Joe Letteriello to complete our Oval WCS lineup for 2017. Joe's spotting on the radar came very suddenly, surprising everyone by manouvering his way to 15th place overall in the 2016 iRacing Oval Pro Series standings in a highly competitive season, only missing out on the top 10 and a WCS license after missing Sonoma, one of the few non-drop races of the season.

Although a relative newcomer on the competitive iRacing scene, Joe started sim racing exactly five years ago, initially purchasing a Live for Speed (LFS) S2 license albeit at a time of noticeable decline of activity and popularity in the sim, but still with a capacity to provide active leagues and competitive racing. During this stint, Joe developed a particular passion for endurance racing, and it's not uncommon to still see him wet his appetite and venture into iRacing World Tour endurance events whenever possible. But ultimately, LFS's decline became too apparent, imploring Joe to gradually turn his attention towards iRacing over time.

Outside of sim racing, he enjoys skiing and dirt track racing - during the recent days he met with most of our North American division for a team meetup in Florida. While there, the group went to see said dirt track racing such as World of Outlaws, Super Late Models and USAC Wingless Sprints. Understandably he's very much expectant of iRacing's introduction of dirt as a rival to the Road and Oval tarmac disciplines, greatly looking forward to its upcoming release.

With his début in NPAS mere moments away, Joe hopes to use this introductory year effectively, obtaining as much experience as possible, concurrently aiming at the very least to finish top 30 overall to ensure full-time participation for future seasons, without the uncertainty of Pro licensed participation linger. He also however has his sights set on at least one top five during the season, hoping to capitalise on his strength at 1.5 mile ovals such as his personal favourite, Atlanta Motor Speedway. Having been a team friend for many years, it's our pleasure to finally see him take the competitive plunge and enlist him in our ranks, welcome Joe!

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